Company News

March 2018
aXs Info is pleased to announce version 10!

October  2015
aXs Info Announces New Certification of Panasonic Scanners

February 2014
aXs Info announces the release of version 8

February 2014
aXs Info announces the release of version 8

Spring 2012
aXs Info is proud to announce the release of version 7.0.

Summer 2011
aXs Info introduces advanced E-Form capabilities to it's aXs Info product suite of solutions.

Contact Information

aXs Info, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

(888) 318-6115 (Voice)
(770) 575-1069 (Voice)

New Release!

The latest release continues our tradition of leading the industry with innovative solutions and features. With version 10 we have taken the often complex problem of allowing users to get the information and documents they need, when and where they need it and made it VERY SIMPLE AND EASY. We have also added over 50 new features to one of the the industries best solutions.

Please take the time to review our product line or the other information on the document management market and the solutions we offer. If you still have questions or need to speak to a sales representative please don't hesitate to contact us .

Workgroup Business Enterprise Workflow
Print Driver Utility Application Integrator Advanced Form Reader / OCR

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