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aXs Print Driver

Application Screen ShotIf speed and productivity matter, then you need  aXs Print Driver.  This capability enables the user to "print" directly from an application into aXs. The aXs Print Driver becomes a document input device just as a scanner is a document input device.

The user can now save documents instantly while working in applications such as Microsoft Office, email/email attachment or a report generated from some internal application. Instead of printing out the document and then scanning it in, or  importing, all the user needs to do is select the aXs Print Driver just as they would any other printer in their office. The aXs Print Driver will instantly save a copy of the document in the location they choose within aXs.


  • Index documents in the aXs Print Driver for immediate retrieval or send to a scan queue for indexing at a later time
  • Save documents in black & white or color
  • Documents saved using the aXs Print Driver are saved in a TIFF file format
  • aXs Print Driver is available as an option with aXs Workgroup, but is standard with aXs Business and aXs Enterprise

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