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aXs Info is a powerful, full featured solution for Document, Content and Information Management. aXs Info enables users to capture, store, retrieve and manage the critical business information that flows through their company. In turn, this empowers businesses to create better efficiencies and improve overall productivity.

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Print Driver Utility Application Integrator Advanced Form Reader / OCR

aXs Workgroup 
An entry level Document, Content and Information Management solution. Can be installed as a standalone or networked solution. Includes a MSDE database and features such as: scan and intelligent search from every installed client, distribution of stored documents by print or email and built in records retention.

aXs Business  A robust solution that works with any ODBC compliant database. Includes the functionality found in aXs Workgroup plus, aXs OCR to enhance indexing and searching, aXs Integrator for the retrieval of documents from almost any application and aXsPrint Driver to speed the process of storing documents.

aXs Enterprise  For the organization who is looking for a corporate wide solution. With all the power of aXs Workgroup and aXs Business, plus web access for anytime, anywhere management of information and documents and aXs Form Reader for the automatic capture of data from everyday used forms.

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