Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who do I contact for support?

A: Under normal circumstances, the value added reseller who worked with you to deliver the solution will be the first contact point. Since they know your organization better, they will have a in depth knowledge of your needs. But rest assured we are always here for you also.

Contact Information

307 Quiet Hil Lane - Suite #1
Woodsotck, GA 30189
(770) 575-1069
Customer Support
Our Product Support Programs offer options and flexibility to best meet customer’s needs. Services including basic support, extended phone support coverage, time based escalations, subscription services and developer support are available by contacting your value-added reseller or emailing our support team at Basic Support
Our value-added resellers are your first line of support. They have been trained to handle the majority of questions or issues that a customer might have. To ensure that resellers are supported in those times when assistance is needed, the aXs Info technical support team guarantees the following:
  • Hours of Support – 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST, 5 days a week (minus normal holidays)
  • Response times and problem escalation
    • Initial response: 2 Hrs
    • Start of resolution: 8 Hrs
    • Escalation: 16 Hrs
    • Progress Update: 4 Hrs
  • Phone, email, and web support
  • Secure log-in to our knowledge base
  • User group meetings
Priority Technical Support
Contact your value-added reseller for information about extended priority support times and time based escalations. Software Update Subscription Services
As a customer you have made an important investment in buying the aXs Info software solution. You know that all your business critical documents will be kept and retrieved through the aXs Info repository. In making that decision you will want to ensure that the software will support your needs for the years to come. This will include receiving product enhancements, bug fixes and any new revisions when they become available. Buy purchasing the aXs Info Update Subscription Services you will ensure that anytime there is a new update it will be available for you to download or have installed by your value-added reseller. Developer Support
At aXs Info we encourage our customers, resellers and partners to develop add-on products or enhancements to the aXs Info product suite. We have made this easier by developing our product using an open architecture. To help with this development or customization we can make the aXs Info development team available through the Developer Support Program. As part of the program you will receive the following:
  • Hours of support: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST, 5 days a week
  • Access to API documentation and examples
  • Coding and scripting assistance
  • Technical advise
  • Answers to customization questions.
aXs Info
offers training at customer sites as part of each installation. This includes administration training and end user capture and retrieval training. This same training and various other courses are offered at the aXs Info headquarters at different times of the year. To find out course descriptions, pricing, and scheduled dates please contact your value-added reseller or email us at The following list is some of the courses offered.
  • Workgroup, Business, and Enterprise administration training
  • Workgroup, Business, and Enterprise end user training
  • Value-added reseller installation and technical support certification training
  • Developer’s support training
  • Database administration training
  • Regional end user workshops
  • End user conference
  • Annual reseller conference
Professional Services
To find out more contact us at Contact Support Click here to contact our support team.
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